Why Sport Bling?

Our medal display frames are unlike anything out there on the market today. When you search for ‘medal display’ you’ll find many picture frames with expensive matting and pegs or hooks that have been shaped to hold medals. What you don’t find is something that looks great and is easy to use!
Anyone can buy a $5 picture frame and stick a medal in it, but it is a pain to get the medal to fit against the glass and try to get the ribbon to look good at the same time. If you’re trying to get two medals in the same frame, it’s double the amount of work! We know because for years we struggled with the same issues.
The metal hooks or pegs are easy to use, but when you look at the hanger on the wall, all you see is a jumble of ribbons and medals clanging around. We knew that we needed to find something convenient that would look great and be affordable.

The Unique Features of the Versa Frame

When setting out to create the perfect display, an idea came to mind: what if we had a display where the medals hang the same way as they do on an actual torso. Medals are designed to hang around someone’s neck, so it’s easy to see why they don’t look great smashed into a picture frame or hanging from a little peg. After much trial and error, and adjustment after adjustment, the Versa Frame was created.

Patented Design

The Versa Frame has a torso-like shape so that medals hang on it like they would hang on a person’s shoulders. Creating the same shape helps make sure the medals look great in the frame. Our display has a design patent with the USPTO for it’s unique shape.

Raised Interior

We’ve raised the interior piece of the Versa Frame for added depth. This also helps the medals lay flat against the frame.

Open Slot

At the top of the Versa Frame, there is a small gap between the interior piece and the frame itself. This is a key part of how it’s so easy to add or remove medals. You don’t have to undo the frame anytime you want to add a new medal, you simply slip it through the slot!

Built In Magnets

Each Versa Frame is crafted with built-in magnets. This allows you to easily add a patch or event plaque to the top of the frame. There’s no pinning or gluing involved. If you decide to move your patch or plaque or change out the colors, there is no evidence it was ever there!

The Versa Frame also has built-in magnets on the back of the display. These magnets let you control the height of each medal. By pulling back on the ribbon and clamping it in with the magnet, your medal moves up, down or side to side on your frame.

Multi-Medal Display

Another great feature of this frame is the ability to hold many medals. The open slot makes it easy to slide on 25+ medals. You can also add pin on medals to this frame, the interior is made of a spandex-like material so you can place them anywhere on the frame.


We strive to find anyway we can to help you create a personalized medal display. We wanted to provide different size and shape options to give more variety to our line of products. As of right now we have 3 frame options (with two more in the early production stages!). Each frame option is available in 19 colors with 12 interior color choices. With 3 different style frames to choose from that gives you 684 different combinations to choose from! Check out the Oval Frame or Rally Frame.


We realize that each frame will have it’s own story, and each medal on every frame comes from a different experience. We offer ways to personalize each display to fit your type of achievement. Embroidered patches come in different sports, sizes and color options and can easily add flair to any display. Event Plaques come with two different choices:

  • Choose your sport name, outer plaque color and inside color options or
  • Create your own plaque with a record time, your name, event name, etc, and pick the colors to accentuate your display

Explore your event plaque options by visiting these two pages: Event Plaques and Custom Event Plauqes.

Whether you’re looking for something different, something easy, something inexpensive, or just something that you can proudly hang on your wall, Sport Bling has a better way to display your medal.

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