Versa Medal Display Frame


The Versa medal display frame has a patented design specifically for displaying medals. This special design allows the medals to hang like they do from your torso when you wear them. The open slot at the top of the frame allows you to easily slide your medals on and off with no hassle!

To create your perfect frame, select the tab ‘Choose Your Colors’ click on the colored box for each section to alter the color of the frame. To see what your frame will look like with a patch or plaque, select ‘Additional Options’ and move your patch into place. For specialty frames, click on ‘Specialty Frame Colors’.

-Having trouble with the customizer? Use our Simple Frame Ordering or read How to Customize Your Frame.-          +Free shipping within the U.S.




This frame has hundreds of ways to display your medal or collection of medals.  Unlike a picture frame, Versa frame has open slots at the top of the frame to easily allow medals to be added or taken off with little effort. You can display one special medal, or over 25 medals all on the same frame!


Like all of the medal display frames at SportBling, the Versa frame is available in many different frame and interior colors. There are many additional add-ons, such as embroidered patches, magnetic event plaques and chains, to display medals without a ribbon. For inspiration for your medal, check out our example page.

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