Simple Frame Ordering


Welcome to the simple way to order your frame. Choose from the following 3 frame designs and then select your colors. Because of the vast number of color and frame combinations, there are not images of every color combination available. To see a more accurate version of what your frame will look like, use our enhanced customizers: Versa Frame, Rally Frame or Oval Frame.

The Versa frame has a patented design specifically for displaying medals. This special design allows the medals to hang like they do from your torso when you wear them.

The Rally frame is a smaller frame perfect for highlighting 1-3 special medals. This frame can be hung vertically or horizontally.

The Oval frame gives you a more traditional shape option for displaying your medal. This frame can also be hung either vertically or horizontally.




All of the frames at SportBling are available in many different frame and interior colors. There are many additional add-ons, such as embroidered patches and magnetic plaques to help you personalize your frame.

For inspiration for your medal, check out our example page.

*This frame does not come with the medal(s) or patches shown.

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