Event Plaque


Magnetic Event Plaques are a great and easy way to add a customized touch to your frame. Event Plaques are simple to customize by choosing your plaque color, sport, color choices and plaque size.

Once you have the perfect plaque for you display, simply attach the plaque to the built in magnets on a Versa Frame or you can attach it anywhere on any frame using a magnet on the back of the frame.

We recommended the regular sized plaque for a Versa frame and the mini plaques on the 3 smaller frames. Either plaque size will fit on any of the displays.

Choose from these sports: Racquetball, Volleyball, Marathon 26.2, Basketball, Tennis, Golf, Soccer, Swimming, Gymnastics, Archery, Baseball, Lacrosse, Bowling, Track & Field, Bridge, Hockey, Wrestling, Table Tennis, Cross Country, Cheer, Dance