The Best New York City Marathon Medal Display

The New York City Marathon is just a few months away and thousands of drawn applicants are working hard every day to prepare for this marathon. This race is iconic and sets a great example for other big-city marathons. Runners will travel all across New York, making their way through the 5 boroughs and crossing the finish line in Central Park.

New York Marathon Medal Display Frame

Our medal display frames are the perfect way to show off a brand new New York City Marathon medal. With 3 different styles of medal holders that are completely customizable, the possibilities are endless on making a unique display for your medal. If you've ran this marathon before, perhaps you will want to showcase all of your New York City Marathon medals in one frame. If that is the case, the Versa Frame is what you need! It was built for easy on-and-off access for all of your medals. If this is the year that you finally broke your goal time in this marathon, the Oval or Rally Frame may be the best choice. These frames both allow you to highlight 1-3 medals, making them a great candidates for important and significant medals.

Personalize your frame even further by adding an event plaque. These plaques come in a variety of styles and colors. For the New York City Marathon, check out the options for a 26.2 plaque. Custom Event Plaques can be made to order. You can place your name, event, PR time, date or any other relevant information. Choose your fonts and colors for something that matches your medal holder.