Boston Marathon Medal Display

One of America's favorite races deserves it's own special display. Runners train for months and sometimes years to qualify and run in the Boston Marathon. Held on Patriot's Day, this marathon attracts more than 30,000 runners from across the world and more than 50,000 spectators.

Our Versa, Rally or Oval frame all make great options for displaying that special medal once you've taken on that challenge. Customize your frame with coordinating colors, or choose more subdued colors to make your medal and ribbon stand out. Our medal displays are easy to use and look great no matter where you choose to show off your hard work.

For the two examples below we chose to accentuate the colors of the Boston Marathon medal ribbon since it is such an iconic medal. For the Versa Frame display we took a more subtle approach, picking a light grey and black frame, to really make the yellow and blue ribbon stand out from the rest of the frame. The Oval Frame highlights the Boston medal by adding the sparkle of the gold frame color.

What combinations can you come up with to make the perfect Boston Marathon medal display?

Add an Event Plaque to give your medal holder even more of a personalized feel.