Magnetic Event Plaques

Magnetic plaques give you a way to bring even more customization to a frame. There are many different sports available, with more being added yearly.


How they work

Each magnetic plaque comes with a piece of metal that is embedded into the back of the plaque itself. If you choose to attach the plaque to our Versa frame, the magnets to hold the plaque in place are already built into the Versa frame. Simply hold the plaque up to the top of the frame and the magnets in the back of the frame will secure the plaque in place.

To attach it to any other frame, use the magnet provided with the plaque to secure the plaque anywhere on the frame. Once the plaque is on the frame, you can simply drag it around the frame and the magnet on the back will move with it.

Changing the insert

If you decide to update your plaque to add a new sport or record, simply take a sharp knife point and lift up on the edge of the insert. Carefully remove the insert so none of the edges get bent, and place the new sport or time insert into your plaque.

Available sports

At this time we have 12 different options for our plaques. We have multiple colors for each sport to help anyone find the perfect plaque for their frame and medal display. Options range from marathon and track and field to badminton and bowling. Check out our magnetic plaques product page for all available sports and colors.