Embroidered Patches

As a compliment to all of our frames, we offer embroidered patches to help customize your display. All of our patches are designed and created by us. The shape of our shield patch was specifically designed to fit in the triangle space that is created by the ribbon of a medal once it has been placed on the frame.

Creation of Patches

Each sport design goes through a lengthy process until it’s ready to be added as a product of ours. We’ve started out with 7 or 8 options and will continuously be adding to the collection. Font sizing, clip art and letter spacing are just a few of the things that are adjusted to get a patch looking great. Once a patch has been deemed acceptable in the design process, then we begin mixing color choices to give buyers a variety of options.

The stitching process takes 30 minutes per patch and requires a thread change every time a new color is used. Once the patch has finished being stitched, it has to be cut and then the iron-on glue is attached to the back. If you choose to use your patch with a frame, a small rectangle of metal can be heated with an iron and dropped onto the glue, after it has cooled, you can attach the patch to the frame using magnets. Since there is iron-on glue attached to every patch, they can also be used on jackets, denim, or any other object that you would choose to glue it onto.

Sport Options

The sport options for patches are currently: Marathon, Cross Country, Swimming, Gymnastics, Chess and Track & Field. Each patch has multiple color options to help customers find the perfect patch for their frame.

Patch Shapes and Sizes

For the Versa Frame, the larger triangle patch is custom made to fit perfectly with one medal. For our smaller frames, we wanted to offer other options so the patch won’t over power the display. The two smaller options are the small oval patch and the mini triangle patch.